The Bunker

A contemporary, cosy coal shed on the Isle of Lewis. Lovingly restored, The Bunker is the perfect spot to unwind.

The Bunker

Built in 1900 to store the coal for the nearby Tiumpan Head Lighthouse, The Bunker’s foundations pay homage to its hardy past, accompanied with aluminum cladding with reflective capabilities that help blend The Bunker into the landscape.

Our Story

Our story starts many years ago, with our Dad, the remarkable Norman MacGeoch. As a young boy in the 1950s, Norman used to play on the pier outside of an old coal shed by the sea on the Isle of Lewis.
Jumping in the blue waters off the pier and poking through the rock pools coloured a large part of Norman’s childhood, so when he returned to the Isle of Lewis many years later, a deep nostalgia led him to transform his favorite childhood spot into a place everyone else could enjoy in the future.

Things to do

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